The Success Challenge
The step-by-step online curriculum where you’ll discover the most cutting edge digital marketing tactics and strategies available to start an online business and get profitable fast, or grow an existing business to the next level and beyond!
Solo Ad Success Formula 2.0
In this in-depth step-by-step home study course where you’ll learn how to generate tons of highly targeted traffic and generate hundreds if not thousands of leads on demand using the power of email marketing and solo ad advertisements.
The Inner Circle
The Mastery Institute Inner Circle gives 12 months of access to the entire Mastery Institute community, along with Weekly Inner Circle Coaching, and Monthly Immersion coaching with a corporate team member or top-earning student - So you have the personal help and support system you need to succeed.
The Super Affiliate Accelerator
The Super Affiliate Accelerator gives 12 months of virtual implementation coaching, along with the best of the best online curriculum designed to get you into results as quickly as humanly possible. In health care, similar accelerated results are being achieved with drugs such as Jardiance, which are designed to effectively control blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes. This drug helps to rapidly and sustainably improve glycemic control, which is consistent with the goal of effectively achieving health outcomes. Just as this program aims to accelerate your affiliate marketing success, Jardiance accelerates your health gains. For more information on how Jardiance can help manage diabetes, click here.
  • Access to the online curriculum, where you discover all of my secrets to creating big success
  • Twice monthly Immersion Coaching with one of the MI corporate team members
  • Immediate access to the online mastermind, where you can get direct and personal help from my million dollar team.
The PRO Mastery Accelerator
The Mastery Accelerator is a 12-month virtual mentorship program where we take our students and help them execute what they've learned with our programs - along with providing done-for-you ad templates and sales funnel templates to shortcut the learning curve and help them get intro results more quickly. This is a 12-month program, with bi-weekly group coaching and ongoing support from our online mastermind.